You're welcome to the official site of the trademarked comic series following the antics and adventures of the privatized security/contractor company known as The Whack Jobs. Scroll on for the books, t-shirts and all things Whack!


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The Whack Jobs #-2 (2nd printing) $5.99

Enjoy and employ your own coloring skills on 22 black/white pages from the first release of an original, trademarked comic series, The Whack Jobs! 


The Whack Jobs T-shirt: "Abomination"

Sizes: S-4XL $20.00 ( + free shipping ) Please make a note or contact us to verify size(s). 


"Saucy" glow in the dark t-shirt                 

With the official mascot and comedy relief of The Whack Jobs plastered in glow in the dark fashion, Saucy is just doing what knife wielding burritos do!     $25 Sizes: YM, YL, S*, M*, L*, XL, 2XL, 3XL (*ladies style) Please contact us to verify that your size and style is in stock and correct!     


16 oz. Logo cups w/ stickers = $6.00

The solution to your drinking problem! The official cup of the Whack Jobs will retain your reasonable liquid of choice in an unorthodox and unmistakable style! Upside down or right side up, it works in action or inaction! Comes with Whack stickers too!!!!


The official book printing of the Cross Eye Comix series title, The Whack Jobs, has always been PRINTING CENTER USA !!!! If you've seen our books, then you've seen that THEY make us look our best with their top quality production! Pair that with the friendly staff and excellent communication, we highly recommend PRINTING CENTER USA for your projects as well! Their website is easy to navigate and they have the best deals out there...PERIOD! Their logo is on the back of ALL our books for several good reasons and we're sure you'll have your own when your project is complete with PRINTING CENTER USA!!! "X" marks the spot to get started!


The Grapes of Whack 

The official clandestine logo shirt of The Whack Jobs is specifically designed to accommodate all missions, successful or otherwise, up to and including: wine tasting fails, grape jelly stains from PB and J and any execution of puppets! Available in both styles and all sizes!!!